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首先,不要遗漏任何可以避免的食物。 This includes securing bags and boxes, cleaning up spills and crumbs as quickly as possible, and changing pet food regularly. Building these simple healthy habits is the first step to combating pests. It is worth noting that many people forget about their pets’ food, but pests eat this, too. Make sure to firmly close any bags of cat or dog food and examine them regularly for holes or openings.

Maintenance and organization are also important when it comes to avoiding infestation. Repair any leaky faucets or pipes and check their condition regularly, as pests are drawn to water just as much as they are drawn to food. This can also mean occasionally checking areas that you don’t frequent such as crawlspaces, attics, or basements. Dark places or areas filled with unnecessary clutter like newspapers and cardboard boxes are perfect places for pests who want to avoid notice.

Keep Them Out
Most homeowners prefer keeping pests out in the first place, and the best way to do this is to close any openings from the building exterior. Normal wear and tear can lead to cracks or holes in siding, and pests don’t need much room to find their way inside. Regular inspection for damage and use of copper mesh, caulk, or expanding foam insulation to plug holes are handy tools to increase security.

Other common entrances to homes include holes in screen doors or windows and chimneys. Investing in chimney screens and caps can help secure openings through your fireplace, and regular maintenance of your screen doors and windows is another simple way to reduce routes into your home.

When All Else Fails
Sometimes, even after doing everything right, pests find their way into homes. In such a case, nothing beats calling an expert, the people with the tools and experience to deal with even the most extreme cases. With these tips and resources, though, you can send out a clear message to all pests: no vacancy.

Whether you’re just moving in, or you’d like to schedule your home maintenance inspection, call National Property Inspections to find an experienced professional near you!

维护分钟数:如何检查窗户漏水 https://weide伟德平台www.bmoremapped.com/Blog/Posts/PostId/1392/maintenance-minutes-how-to-check-for-window-leaks DIY、房屋维修 星期一,2022年6月13日20:11 GMT < p > <跨风格= "字体大小:26 px;"> 2022年6月6日| 家庭维护DIY | 维护分钟系列房主窗户


使用一些简单的NPI技巧,检查窗户周围是否存在水损伤是相对容易的。如果你怀疑窗户内部受到了水的损害,首先要用肉眼检查每扇窗户的状况。你要注意漏水的迹象,如油漆剥落、霉菌积聚和窗户周围区域的变色。如果这些情况很普遍,你要用干燥的手触摸窗户边缘,进一步检查窗户周围的区域。 If you detect any moisture or dew drops that have formed on the windowsill, this is an indicator of a window leak.

Difficulty Opening & Closing Windows
The next sign of a possible window leak is difficulty opening and closing windows. While this issue is common for older homes, if you have trouble with more than one or two windows, this can not only be a sign of a window leak, but an issue with the foundation of your property.

If you encounter a considerable amount of strain in attempts to open your windows, or if your windows don’t open at all, you will want to make sure that the foundation of your property is settling properly. Further evidence of foundational problems are difficulty opening and closing doors (in addition to windows), cracks in the walls of your property, and in extreme cases, uneven floors.

Air Drafts
The next common issue that you may encounter with window leaks is air drafts. The process for checking for these is relatively easy, as it closely resembles the steps taken to check for water damage. A good tip is to examine any window you suspect may have an air leak on a windy day, as this makes the existence of an air draft more apparent.

Secondly, you’ll want to use a damp hand to scan the areas surrounding your window. With your wet hand, you will be able to physically feel where air is being drawn into your home.

How to Fix Window Leaks
A temporary fix for window leaks is to place weather strips around your windows. According to Bob Vila, famous construction worker and T.V. personality, applying foam weather stripping to your doors and windows can cut down on your energy bill by 20 percent. Although it should be noted that weather stripping your home will only help if there aren’t major foundational issues.

For homes with greater structural damage to the foundation, you may have to replace your old windows all together. Due to natural shifts to the environment that occur over time, there may be too large of a gap to fill the void caused by structural changes. In the case of window replacement, it is important to note that while window installation will assist in decreasing the size of any window leaks, there is often still a little space left between the original windowpane and the newly installed window. Therefore, even with replacement there’s still potential for developing leaks to your new windows.

For more information on this subject and more, follow our Maintenance Minute Series here.

能源审计能为你做什么 https://weide伟德平台www.bmoremapped.com/Blog/Posts/PostId/1356/what-an-energy-audit-can-do-for-you 家庭检查,家庭维护 2022年3月7日星期一,格林尼治时间15:17:00 < p > <跨风格= "字体大小:26 px;">家维护< / >,< a href = " //www.bmoremapped.com/Blog/Posts?Category=home-Inspection " >回家检查< / > | < em类=“fa fa-tags”> < / em > < a href = " //www.bmoremapped.com/Blog/Posts/Tag/foundation " >基础< / >,< a href = " //www.bmoremapped.com/Blog/Posts/Tag/chimney " >烟囱< / >,墙壁< a href = " htweide伟德平台tps://www.bmoremapped.com/Blog/Posts/Tag/walls " > < / >, < a href = " //www.bmoremapped.com/Blog/Posts/Tag/windows " > windows < / >, < a href = " //www.bmoremapped.com/Blog/Posts/Tag/appliances " >电器< / >,< a href = " //www.bmoremapped.com/Blog/Posts/Tag/electrical " >电< / >,< a href = " //www.bmoremapped.com/Blog/Posts/Tag/insulation " >绝缘< / >,< a href = " //www.bmoremapped.com/Blog/Posts/Tag/ventilation " >通风< / > < / p > < p >普通家庭每年花费超过2000美元的能源费用。如果你落入平均水平,甚至发现自己超过了平均水平),你就准备好开始存钱了。减少使用和支出的一种方法是进行能源审计。


It’s a given that most older homes don’t hold up as well as when they were first built, so it’s no surprise they can eventually become an energy sinkhole. Older frames tend to split, and this can allow for a higher amount of intrusion from the outside air. Even if your house is brand new or recently remodeled, there can still be defects within the construction that hinder its efficiency. That’s why it pays to have an energy audit so that you can catch any issues ASAP.

What Happens During the Inspection?
Prior to the inspection itself, your inspector may ask about problems you currently experience and what you’d like to accomplish afterwards. Then, they’ll take a look at your home’s overall “envelope.” This is the barrier that keeps the air between your home and the outdoors separate and includes insulation and ventilation. To help give you a clearer picture, your inspector will use a blower door and infrared technology. Combined, these tools pinpoint the areas in your home where air is escaping.

Blower Doors
A blower door test involves using a high-powered fan attached to an adjustable frame that can fit over a doorway. Every exterior door and window is then closed to seal the home as tightly as possible. The fan then will pull the air out of the home and force it outside. The difference in pressure then reveals where the outside air is seeping inside, simulating air infiltration on windy days. The inspector will be able to tell from the readouts on the gauges just how much air is getting in.

In addition to a blower door test, an infrared camera will really let the inspector see what’s going on in your home. Typically, the inspector will use the infrared camera while the blower door is running. As the camera shows the variations in temperature, they’ll be able to pinpoint exact areas of air loss.

What to Do After
Once your inspector is done, they’ll go over their findings with you. You’ll see just how much energy your home is losing, but also receive suggestions on how to fix it. You may be able to shave hundreds off your monthly expenses just by doing a few simple repairs. Going forward, it’s important that you stay up on your home maintenance to prevent similar issues from returning.

Call National Property Inspections Today
National Property Inspections has the knowledge and expertise to assess your home’s structure, major systems, and appliances, providing you with a comprehensive report you can use to make the best decision for your family. With more than 200 locations across the U.S. and Canada, it’s easy to find an inspector near you.

窗口井维护的重要性 https://weide伟德平台www.bmoremapped.com/Blog/Posts/PostId/838/the-importance-of-maintaining-window-wells 维护,安全到家了 2020年4月14日星期二19:41:27 GMT < p > <跨风格= "字体大小:26 px;">THE IMPORTANCE OF Maintenance WINDOW WELLS
2020年4月14日| 家庭维护安全 | 地下室窗户


首先,你需要评估在你的位置设置一个窗口井是否是一个好主意。如果你住在海平面较低的地区,很有可能,你的家一开始就没有较低的海平面。 But if you’re not, you should still check with a professional contractor before you go ahead with installation. Depending on your city’s guidelines, you may also need to obtain a building permit. Window wells that aren’t code-compliant could make your home more susceptible to flooding and lead to costly repairs.

Proper Installation
After the surrounding dirt has been cleared for window well installation, a retaining wall will be put in to hold it back. When the dirt is being put back, it is important to grade it so that water will run away from your window. Then you have the option of installing a drainage system inside the well itself. This is a good idea if you live in an area that receives heavy amounts of rain. You can easily have the drain hooked up to the rest of your drainage system outside, or have it run inside your house to a sump pump. Spreading a layer of gravel around the drain will make it easier to empty water, and placing a plastic covering over your window can help prevent water from entering.

Keeping Things Tidy
Once you have your new wells put in, you’ll need to keep up with regular maintenance. Keep the wells clear of any dirt or debris such as leaves, and check that the drain isn’t being obstructed. You might even want to test out the system yourself by pouring water down the drain. Try loosening the gravel around your drain so that it isn’t getting packed down and prohibiting the water’s flow. It’s a good idea to clean out your window wells at least twice a year in the spring and fall. You’ll want to check to see if the covering you put over the well is in good shape, as cracks or openings will let water in and make it harder to clean out debris.

What Can Go Wrong
If you happen to delay cleaning your window wells, you’re not alone. Having to keep up wells can be an afterthought for the majority of homeowners, however it’s an important addition to your maintenance list. A blocked drain could give you problems should you have a heavy rain or lots of melting snow, and water accumulation next to windows can cause glass to crack. It’s worth it to keep an eye out for any defects and correct them before they lead to water intrusion.