Baltimore City Tax Lien Auction 2015


This map depicts properties that were associated with tax lien certificates available for purchase during the 2013 Baltimore City sale of tax certificates. Briefly, properties that were associated with unpaid taxes or utility bills had lien certificates issued against them. These certificiates were then placed in an auction where investors could place bids on them. Investors who won the certificate pay the city the owed monies and receive the right to collect payment from the individual associated with the lien. Repayment comes with an 18% interest rate.

In the event the certificate is not redeemed within 12 months, the holder of the certificate may begin foreclosure proceedings against the property. As a result, the location and value of the property associated with the lien is taken into serious consideration when investors are bidding on the property. This map is meant to show both the general location of properties involved in the auction as well as to investigate whether investors consider the location of the property when considering whether or not to place a bid on a certificate.

Data regarding auction outcomes was downloaded from Bid Baltimore. Geographic data regarding property locations was gathered from the Baltimore City Open GIS Data Portal. Data from the two datasets were merged in Python with the help of the Pandas and Geopandas packages. The map only depicts properties with certificates that had block and lot numbers that matched the corresponding entry in the geographic data file. Additionally, results were filtered to only show properties that were zoned for residential use.